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The hospice care sector supports more than 225,000 people with terminal and life-limiting conditions in the UK each year.

  • Hospices also have an important role in supporting people’s families, especially in providing bereavement support. A total of 72,000 people in the UK received bereavement support from hospices in 2018-19.  

  • Hospices support people with a wide range of conditions including cancer, motor neurone disease, cardio-vascular diseases, dementia, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Hospices are increasingly supporting people with multiple life-limiting conditions.

  • The majority of hospice care (83 per cent) is provided in community-based settings, including home care/ hospice at home, outpatient services and hospice day care.

  • There are at least 125,000 volunteers supporting hospices throughout the UK. The value of their contribution is estimated to be more than £200 million each year.  Source Hospice UK

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