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There and back for Tom

At the end of September, Waleed, Cameron and Nick started their massive weekend challenge of walking from Grasmere in Cumbria to Treales in Lancashire, in memory of Tom and their numerous holidays in the Lake District.

This 63 mile trek took its toll on Nick and Cameron, they were forced to bow out at the beginning of day 2 due to injuries (pictures of blistered feet available on request 😂). But Waleed carried on and completed the final leg of the journey, to be welcomed back to a spread of tea and cake and a reunion from friends and family🎉

The boys have raised an impressive £3,373.00 so far and their just giving link is still live!

This incredible challenge has raised an amazing amount of money and will be used to support research by Professor Mansoor (Toms Dr) and his team at The Christie in the battle to beat cancer.

Tom would be so proud and humbled by what people are doing in his name to help beat this terrible disease.

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